December 2016


I love the holiday season, I love wrapping presents and hot tea and Christmas music and I'm not ashamed of it! Also, today is my birthday and if you would like to come celebrate with me, you can come to one of my shows this week and let me sing for you! They are both solo shows, and I do have a new tune I plan on sharing that I feel very passionate about. Wednesday night I will be performing among a few other sweet and talented singer/songwriters for NSAI's Songs & Spirits:Writers in the Round - I love being able to sit next to other songwriters and hear their stories, and learn about their lives through their music. Come on over to Goldfield's in Sacramento, It's a free show! 

Rock For Rachelle 

Friday night is a special night for me. When people get sick, we usually all send love, prayers, vibes, or whatever form of good wishing there is. But when a fellow musician gets sick, someone who is also a friend, and a mother, other artists/bands have the opportunity to fall in line and fight back a little differently. Rachelle offered to have me and my bandmates, Corey and Barry into her home, she put together a show with us when we were in Seattle, and she is from Northern California. Rachelle was recently diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. Friday night at Pistol Pete's in Auburn I am performing with a plethora of other bands/artists to help cover her medical bills that have been building up since the beginning of her treatment. It would be wonderful to see some familiar faces Friday night, but if you cannot make it I encourage you to send a few dollars if you can spare them, for her and her family, you can donate HERE if the spirit moves you. 

We will be journeying down to Southern California to spend some time with family, and we will also be hard at work to finish our demos we have been working on as well as a surprise that will be on it's way in 2017... 

I am so grateful for each and every one of you. Holidays can be so special and unforgettable, but they can also be tough for some, so I will leave you with this. I love you. Thank you for spending the last day, month, year, or years with me. I'm honored to play for you, thank you for loving me, accepting me, supporting me. Next year and always I will do my best to make you proud. 

Peace, Love, and Pogo sticks,

Hannah Jane Kile

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