September 2016

Hey, you hooligans! In case you didn't already know (if you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You probably saw my silly video about it), I AM OPENING FOR INGRID MICHAELSON! I have been listening to and loving her for years, and this is definitely something I am looking forward to crossing off of my bucket list. I would love to see some familiar faces in the crowd, so if you can come and show your support for me AND for breast cancer, the show starts at 5, and that is right around when we will be performing! Check out the poster below for all the juicy details. 

In August, I loved playing The Lost Church in SF for the first time, thank you to all my sweet friends/fans who came out and made me feel so welcome. #ILeftMyHeartinSanFrancisco 

HAPPY SEPTEMBER! I am so excited for pumpkins, horror novels, crinkly leaves to step on (the crunch is so satisfying), the changes in colors, and to get out my pea coat. Happy almost Fall, Y'all! 

Also! I will be performing among a wonderful and incredible group of musicians and songwriters at The Sierra Nevada Big Room in Chico on September 12th and 13th for Small Town Big Sound 2!!! I feel so honored and lucky to be included and to be performing a tune that is going on the next record... :) 

Let me repeat... 
The hooligans (Corey, Barry) and I will be journeying up north in Oregon & Washington in mid- October and we could NOT be more excited! More details to come very soon... <3 

Peace, Love, and Pogo sticks

Hannah Jane Kile

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